Cardiac Rehab services  have been started and every week in the programme involving Yoga, Psychological Rehab, Dietary Advice and meditation is held for SMHI patients at a nominal expense.

Coronary Artery Disease can be tackled at all its stages by concerted efforts of patients and physicians. Let it not hamper life but let us win it  over  with a healthy and invigorating life style.



Psychological Rehabilitation

These services include studying the psychology of the patient, identifying stressors and rehabilitating to the modified environs. It is primarily devised against depression, job-stress-demand, anxiety and hostility. Modifications are by behavioral modifications, social support, positive cognitive approach and managing depression, hostility and stress. The scope of this intervention is over and above current remedies offered.

Diet Management

The need is to be closer to the concept of Mediterrarean food- a natural diet essentially rich in fruit, vegetables (5-6 servings) and fish. Calories do matter! Excess saturated fat must be replaced with polyunsatured fat. Refined carbohydrates (sugar jams etc.) must be reduced.


The heart needs exercise even after an attack!

An early ambulatory plan restores faith in one's abilities to stay actively alive. It is tailored to patient needs. It adds years to life and life to years. Its role in preventing  heart attacks can never be over stressed.

Yoga and Meditation

Trials in Coronary Artery Disease have demonstrated disease reversal with these measures. Disease modification appears natural with these methods. They are inspired by  ancient Indian way of life when longevity was the rule rather than an exception.